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We have provided the results of our almost 20 years of research in off the grid living, earth sheltered homes, and electric cars. There are numerous pictures and very extensive details of the earth sheltered home and the hydroelectric system that provides power for the home and the well house. We've also got lots of pictures of our electric cars, plus the new EV we are building from the ground up! Please feel free to browse around the pages and learn more about us.

I also wanted to take a minute and tell you about a fascinating and very informative CD-ROM we've created called "Without Warning: A Practical Guide To Surviving A Disaster". This multimedia book covers 11 specific disaster situations: floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, winter storms, earthquakes, droughts, meteorite/asteroid impact, volcanic eruptions, radiological (including nuclear attack by another nation or terrorists group), and hazardous materials accidents, (including chemical/biological terrorists attacks). As the tragic events of September 11, 2001, have shown us; no part of our great nation nor the rest of the world is safe from disaster. The best we can do is be prepared for the worst and pray for the best!

Click here for more details and to download a preview of the CD!

Visit our store where you can use your Mastercard, Visa, or American Express credit card and our secure, online order form to request one of our design manuals; or you can call 888.446.2572 to us personally.

Free Reports:
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  • Taking Shelter From The Storm
    This is a comprehensive manual produced by FEMA to guide homeowners in the construction of "safe room" inside their home. The manual provides both construction plans and cost estimates.

    Click here to download a copy of the manual. (1.4 megs)

  • Emergency Preparedness Checklist

    The American Red Cross has created an Emergency Preparedness Checklist for families.

    Click here to download a copy of the checklist. (.2 megs)

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